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Our Contract is listed under the Contract Page, please note that puppies purchased without full rights will be sold with spay/neuter provisions added to the Contract. 



Our Shih-Tzu puppies are offered with Limited AKC after prof of Spay or neuter. These guys come in all sizes and are priced from $1500 up to $3000 and if the puppy is extra special maybe more. 


Puppy cost will be based on size and quality of puppy; looks judged by short legs, flat face, cobby body, if puppy is not on hold cost may go up as puppy grows.  Please note we do not guarantee size this will be made by our best judgement, puppies weight can be estimated at or


We will take a certain number of holds before puppies are due, with a deposit. If deposit is not paid we will not hold puppy.


Puppy cost may go up depending on the market. If you are on a contact list for the waitlist please note price is not guaranteed unless deposit was already paid. We have now moved to email for non-paid waitlist. 

Common Issues

Senotic Nares (Pinched Nostrils)

Senotic Nares is common in the snubbed nose breeds. If puppy displays signs of pinched nostrils we recommend waiting for the puppy to outgrow this condition, around 98% of puppies outgrow this by 8-10 months of age. 


Unbilical hernias are common to the Shih-Tzu breed and sometimes go unnoticed. We always advise the buyer of the hernia if noticed.

Inguinal hernias are not as common but do happen, this is checked at the vet and buyer will be notified accordingly. 

These are not life threatening and are not covered by our guarantee. We recommend that you push in the hernias gently 2-3 times a day if this happens to your puppy and wait until the puppy is at least 12 weeks to be sure its not a delayed closure. 

Most of the time these close on there own, if not it can be corrected with spay/neuter. 

Needs of PUPPy

We feed puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy, if switching food please allow 2 weeks before switch. gradually add new food with a little more added each day. 

We recommend that all puppies and dogs use a harness instead of a collar. Collars can cause puppy to have collapsed trachea and are not recommended for snub-nosed breeds. 

If puppy is to be left alone through the day we recommend a puppy play pen, with bed and puppy pad. Puppy has already started puppy pad training

If crate training we recommend using a puppy pad until puppy is old enough to hold it! This could be at 12 weeks or longer depending on how many hours you are away from puppy each day. We do not recommend crate training if you are not going to be available to take puppy out every couple of hours

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