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Products Our Puppies Use

We have joined Amazon Affiliates Program to provide you with puppy essentials. These are some of the products our puppies use. We earn a small commission if you purchase from the provided links below. 

Puppy Products

Water Bottles

We like the standup bottles you can take anywhere. Check them out here.

Heartbeat Bears

These heartbeat puppies are great for taking home your puppy. These help puppy on their first days away from siblings. To check out the heartbeat puppy click here. 

Puppy Plan Pen

We use these play pens for naps and when we are away. Check them out here. 

Puppy Pads

Your puppy has already started puppy pad training. Puppy pads are linked here. 

Puppy Food

Our puppies eat Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice Shreds. You can find that here. 

Grooming Supplies

For basic nail trimmers check these out here.

Grooming kit for your Shih-Tzu can be found here.

If you are daring enough to use clippers on your Shih-Tzu we recommend a quality brand so they do not get cut. We use these here. 

For trimming the paws and belly we use these. 

Shampoo and Conditioner we use on adults includes. 

Our puppies use baby shampoo. 

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