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Shih-tzu Dads and Moms

Shih-tzu meaning lion dog is an ancient Chinese breed that were once only for Chinese Royalty. They are companion dogs that are outgoing, spunky and loving. The standard size shitzu dog weighs anywhere from 9 to 16 pounds full grown, the small imperial Shih-Tzus weigh 7-9 pounds and teacups weigh 4-7pounds. These hypoallergenic dogs make great apartment companions as they do not need a large living space.


Ramses is a cuddly teddy bear. He has a beautiful full coat and a liver nose. He loves to play with the puppies but doesn't like for anyone to take his toys. 


Paris Princess

Paris loves all the puppies.  She has a grey and white parti coat. She loves to play and get lots of attention. 

King Tut

King Tut is loved by all the ladies, he's small and mighty!


Foxy Lady

Foxy is a lavender girl with red in her coat. She loves attention and she's a head turner when we go out! 


Winter Skye

Winter is a beautiful blue girl. She is sweet and loving! Winter loves attention and is a very friendly girl. She has a stunning blue colored coat with a blue nose and paw pads to match! 

Good Golly Miss "Molly"

Molly is super sweat and loves to play outside! She has a beautiful black and white coat. Molly weighs 12 pounds. 


Lou Lou

Lou Lou is a blue/grey and white girl. She loves to play and enjoys running outside. She is also very sweet and affectionate!

Countess "Candy" Cane

Candy is a tiny girl with beautiful red and white hair. She loves to play and has plenty of energy! She loves being the center of attention! Candy has short legs but she doesn't let that stop her from running with the big dogs! 


Majesty in Gold, MiG

MiG is a tiny girl who loves to be held and go on walks. MiG is gold in color with black on her mask and the tip of her tail.

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